Vacation 2002

Squamish Days, Logger Sports, Squamish, British Columbia, Canada - Aug. 3

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How fast can you split a log this size?

There is some raw power at work here!

A big crowd turns out on a beautiful day

Some first-time logger sports spectators

Nick and Elke are loving it

An 80-foot tree topping against a mountain backdrop

Who can stay on the turning log longest?

This log is sawed through so fast!

Another team giving it a try

These guys finished first

Looks easier using a powersaw - but this was tricky, too

Chokerman's relay race - a second later, he was wet

This guy is standing atop an 80-foot tree

And now he is even doing a headstand

Nick is amazed at these skills

This is another 80-foot tree topping attempt

The relay race starts with a raft float

Here a Norwegian competitor uses an ax to split a log

Next, the Jack and Jill hand bucking component

The task is to place two boards up the tree before chopping

"This was fun!"

Mountain scenery on the way home

This cloud just sits on top of the mountain

Nick has found a new friend in Whistler
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