Vacation 2002

More Hiking on Whistler Mountain, Whistler, BC, and Nairn Falls, near Pemberton, BC, Canada - July 29/30

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Alpine meadow tranquility

Nick on a rock

Regrettably, this bench was the only "bear" we saw

Nick: "Mom is sooooo cuddly"

Another look at alpine plant beauty

A plane flying by Blackcomb ski slopes

Wonder what view they have from the plane!

Mountain splendor

Nick - Mountain Man

A chipmunk finding its way across a rock

It's going to be a long way back

Nick and Elke - resting again!

Nick: "The world is miiiiiiiine!"  ;-)

Nick and Elke and the rock field

A view along the way to Nairn Falls

Nick leading the way to the falls

He found them! Nairn Falls

Too bad the sun was in the way - sorry - finger...

Amazing rock sculptures formed by the water's force

The sun came out in time for us to visit Nairn Falls

Potholes dug into a rock at Nairn Falls

You don't want to get into this whirlpool!

The awesome power of Nairn Falls

Another whirlpool at Nairn Falls
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