Vacation 2002

Salmon Bake at Crystal Hut - ATV Adventure on Blackcomb Mountain, British Columbia, Canada - Aug. 1

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Two aliens? No, Elke and Nick ready for ATV adventure

Nick and his Dad are ready to go up the mountain

A stop along the way about half-way to the top

Nick wishes he could have driven - you have to be 16

Nick trying out Elke's ATV

And Elke with her red helmet

Melissa, our guide, posing with the two Nicks

When we left, it was raining - but now sun coming out!

Melissa is pointing out the vista from Crystal Hut

Nick smiling more than a mile high in the mountains

"Yuck, we feel grubby"

"Hot tub - here we come!"

After getting changed again - now it is time for the sights

This is a panorama view in four pictures ;-)

A great view from over one mile high on Blackcomb Mountain:

Whistler Village a mile below us

And panning to the left

Shot of the Crystal Hut and the BBQ with our salmon on it

Another beautiful view around

And a gorgeous view of Green Lake and Whistler Village

The mountain vista is simply breathtaking

Nick in line to get his salmon dinner - it was great!
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