Elke's Family Page

Nicholas P. Speliopoulos, Major, United States Army This is my husband. May I introduce: Lieutenant Colonel Nicholas P. Speliopoulos, U.S. Army. Here's another picture of him, taken when he was still in Brcko, Bosnia:

Nick in Bosnia

JoAnne M. Faupel JoAnne (22), who is incredibly beautiful, intelligent and talented *brag* (she plays the flute, the saxophone, the clarinet, the piano AND she sings). She attends Yale University and majors in Theater Studies. Here are some Abitur photos (German graduation) as well as some other photos.

Jo and Charly!

Nicholas J. Speliopoulos, our little(?) guy

Nicholas (13), who spends the majority of his time reading about aliens and ghosts and riding his skooter/skateboard/bike. He wants to become a scientist (maybe an Area 51 specialist?). He is in eigth grade.

The usual Nicky

We also have two furry cat children:
Popeye, JoAnne's baby Popeye (black, long fur, huge, cuddly - regrettably he had to be put to sleep because of a large tumor on April 26, 2001)


Sweetpea (Calico, long fur, smaller, fresh as can be, likes to scratch).

Sweetpea, my Calico baby

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