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Who am I? Here I am:

That's me, ElkeB

Well, my full name is Elke Barbara Speliopoulos. I am 46 years old (born March 27,1961 in Gießen, Germany), and I feel that I am in - what I consider - pretty much the best stage of life. (YES, there is still hope for a life after 30 - even years after 30! - see here).

Graduating from Providence College A proud moment: Earning my B.S. from Providence College in May 1994 - Summa cum Laude! ---->

As of July 1999, I am living in the United States again after four years in my home country of Germany. My employer is SAP Labs, LLC, and my home office is in Newtown Square, PA. I am Director, Operations, Industry Solution Management Trading Industries, also known as ISM TI.
In August 1995, I had moved back to Germany after having lived for the past seven and a half years in the United States, including more than three years in California and more than four years in Rhode Island, on the East Coast, in the smallest state of the Union. There I worked as a COBOL programmer for a company named AIPSO which does the risk pool administration for the auto insurance industry just about nationwide. Until Feb. 1, 1997, I worked as a system consultant for ORDAT, a company located in my hometown of Gießen (their enterprise resource planning software is FOSS). On that date, I switched to the network administration group of the company. I also did PC support and worked on the Internet project of ORDAT.

My home in Germany was Heidelberg in the beautiful German state of Baden-Württemberg. My family and I moved there in July of 1997. I began working for SAP AG in Product Management of the Business Process Technology department on September 29, 1997.

I am a 1994 graduate of Providence College in Providence, RI, where I received my Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration - Summa cum Laude :). Before this, I worked as a flight attendant for Lufthansa German Airlines. In 1977/78, I was a YFU exchange student in Shafter, California, where I attended Shafter High School and lived with the Glenn Handel Family. They are a wonderful bunch, and I love them dearly. It has been an interesting journey, and I still don't know exactly what I want to be when I grow up.

Goofy old me! >---- My goofy side shows!

For more than twenty years now, I have been happily married to Nick, a retired United States Army lieutenant colonel, who has served in such exotic locations as Panama (1989, when the Americans got Noriega out), the Sinai Peninsula, and recently Bosnia. Currently, he works for a medial malpractice insurance, a job he really enjoys.
Most of our newer photos are on Picasaweb or Flickr. Here you can see very old photos of our trip to the Dominican Republic in 2000 and also photos of our trip to Lake Constance on August 15-16, 1998. Lake Constance borders Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 1998's Strassenfest in my parents' hometown of Hausen can also be viewed. At the end of October of 1998, we were up in Denmark on Falster Island. We have two wonderful kids, JoAnne (almost 27 - a Yale grad who recently got married to Greg) and Nick aka Speli (almost 18 - his MySpace page is here), two wonderful dogs, a cool cat and a beautiful chinchilla family. You can find out about my family on Elke's Family Page. We moved into our house in August 2001.

Palm Tree

My interests center around the liberal arts; this was triggered during my time as a PC student. I am very interested in philosophy, religion, poetry, art and music (particularly Baroque, in the latter two categories), and, of course, computers (would you see this page otherwise *smile*?). Another interest of mine is the (now defunct) group Inchtabokatables from Berlin. They make wonderful, noisy, sometimes off-key music with a fascinating set of instruments. Another singer whom I deeply adore is Herbert Grönemeyer. He sings the German language in a way no other artist could ever compare to. I believe that life is incredibly exciting and should be lived with great passion and faith. There is so much to discover, don't waste your time with trivialities.

September 1998 Not my empty bottles!

You also need to know about me that I am an unapologetic child of God. If you don't know what that means, please read my faith page. Well, for the time being, there is not much more to tell, but thanks for stopping by, and if you would like to send me mail, you can just click here: speliopoulos@gmail.com.


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