Laker's Wake and Funeral - Page I
August 7th and 8th, 2002     Back to main page

Mary and Connie O'Connor

Helen(?) and Skip Tremblay, Bill and Michelle

Fred and Carol - friends from the Cape

Tommy O'Connor and JoAnne

Connie and Tommy O'Connor

JoAnne, Niko, Nick and Elke

Sophie and her sons Phil, George, Nick and Peter

Phil and George

Phil, Sophie, Nick and George

Sophie fixing her hair

Now it's perfect: Sophie and her four handsome sons

Connie, Mary and Helen (?)

Cousin Nick, Tommy and Phil

Phil and Angela

George, Michael Day, Michelle, Tom and Connie

Doug, Tommy and Phil

Another shot

Bill, Michelle and Tommy

Mike and Jim

Skip and Nick

Sophie and her brother Phil

Jim and Doug - now it's on tape!
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