July 8, 2001 - Our Babies Are Growing!
(P.S. They Turned Out to Be Girls)

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Rassa and Chili enjoying a carrot chew

.."Mom, leave me some!"

Rassa hiding under the pipe

Poor Chewy got beat up when he attempted to visit the other day - Chili did NOT want him there!

.Hiding in the pipe

Chili enjoying her fur after a dust bath

"Ah, just one more turn!"

Chimba is growing

Gotta love those black eyes!

So beautiful

You can tell Chimba is growing

And one more shot

Rassa going out for a walk, too

More of Rassa 


Pretty Rassa

LOONG tail

Rassa sees that raisin

...and tackles it


"My eyes were bigger than my belly"

"Let me go digest"