Leaving Germany: Goodbye to Family and friends

July 22, 1999


Elke's Mom Ria, Dad Joe, sister Birgit
 and colleague and friend Carla

Elke's Aunt Usch

JoAnne and Elke

All of us with Nicky taking the picture

All of us with me taking the picture :-) and Nicky in it

Another group shot

Aunt Usch...what a beauty!

Nicky is ready for departure

Are they checking out a goodlooking guy?

Oma gives JoAnne one final big hug
for good luck at Yale

My Dad...Josef Weber

My Mom...Ria Weber

What a fine set of parents I have!

And what a goofy son!

"You, my dear sister, will now stop
taking pictures"

Okay, one more...Birgit and Carla hamming
it up for the camera